Monday, January 18, 2010

New Website

Hi all and Happy New Year! Well, I had three goals for the break. One was to get a scholarship application ready to go out - it is nearly there, just have to pick up some docs from school and it will be ready to go. Two, is to get one of my thesis paintings repaired and at a state worth showing to my new mentor - Joe Gerges. I am almost there on that one. Will paint at least six hours today and get it there. The third thing was a new website. That is done! It is much easier for me to update and much easier for you and me to remember. Just go to Please let me know if you see anything I need to fix. One thing I have done is added a section called dailies, where I have put all of the daily paintings from this blog in one spot. They are much easier to view that way.
Above is a painting by Joe. I really look forward to working with him. His work is quite different from mine and I hope I can learn more from him about physiology - painting the figure in such a way that it tells the story through posture, expression and so forth. His work is realistic but not "pretty". I like that too. His web site is
I am no longer officially working with John Brosio. It is a good thing to get input from different sources. I do feel he has helped me immensely in my initial progress and I hope to connect back with him later in this MFA journey. His work is at
School starts tomorrow. I am just hoping I can make it down the mountain! The wind and rain are torrential today and are expected all week.

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