Sunday, November 1, 2009


" Kitchen Talk"


" Study of Madame Gautreau by Sargent"
This has been a very busy month, but enlightening as well. I feel like my brain is doubling in size. It is crackling with thoughts on Greenberg, Schapiro, Krauss, Benjamine, and others - their thoughts on modernism, what it means to be modern, grids, flatness of picture planes, and so forth. It gives me insight into my own work and why I make the decisions that I do.
I am very busy working on my thesis project -which you will not see for some time. But above are three paintings completed this month. The first - is one I start at the end of summer. I deliberated over how realistic to paint the cupboards and window, but decided I liked them as simple shapes, leaving the two mirrored figures at the center of focus. This painting will be posted on my website - for more information.
The second painting "Abstract" was an assignment given by my mentor John Brosio. It is something I had not really done before and I really enjoyed it. Painting abstract is very freeing. This painting is approximately 8 x 10", oil on canvas and will sell for $200.00 Shipping $5.00
The third painting is a study of Madame Gautreau - copied from John Singer Sargent. I chose this subject because I love how Sargent is able to communicate so much with such seemingly conservative brush strokes - wet into wet - painted all in one sitting. If he was not happy with the outcome, he scraped off all the paint and started over. It could be a long day for the model! It is the exact proportions of the original 12 1/2 x 16 1/8" and is oil on canvas. In another month I can put a varnish on it which will really gloss up the darks and push them back. This too is for sale $300.00. Shipping is $5

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