Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Painting with PAAR

Today I had Franz drop me off at the Coffee Depot in Riverside on his way to work. I knew I would have at least three hours to paint - and with my broken foot would not be getting around much, so chose an indoor scene, a comfy chair and lots of detail. The Coffee Depot is a great place to hang out. It is the old rail way station - the line ran to Salt Lake. The owner and his wife have worked hard to restore it, even uncovered an old fire place which they did not know was there. It is full of cozy nooks to read books in - has a dark room just for people using their lap tops - and has tasty food too. I did not mean to do an advert, but really, I'd go back. I had a great time listening to people's conversations and am pleased with the painting. Technically this is not a plein air painting -as I was indoors - but I did complete it on site, and that is the requirement.

Saturday, as mentioned before, I painted the TACO STATION (top painting).

Both paintings will be on display Saturday at the Riverside Art Museum and possibly again later.

Title: Coffee Depot
Medium: Oil on Panel
Size: 8 x 10"
Price: $300.00
Shipping: $5.00

Title: Taco Station
Medium: Oil on Canvas Panel
Size: 9 x 12"
Price: $ 300.00
Shipping: $5.00


Jeni and Jake said...

I really like these ones. The colors are so warm and inviting.

I see that your works are becoming more valuable. ;)

Clancy said...

These are both excellent, Serena! Good to see the Taco Station painting worked out in spite of the challenges of setting up. It would be like me showing up for a concert with my cello, but forgetting my bow! I love the use of light in the coffee shop interior, definitely your forte.