Saturday, February 20, 2010

Margaret Bowland

Yesterday I went to Los Angeles to see Margaret Bowland's work at the Thomas Paul art gallery. The above pastel was not included in her work, but I found it on her website and love it. I will admit, now don't chase me out of town, my initial response when walking into the gallery was "I don't like this and don't want to look at it". Well, when Peter Frank arrived I had no choice but to sit and look at her work for an hour and I have to say that in that hour I found I was really becoming comfortable with the work and finding a lot of things I'd like to imitate. I think at first I was put off by the exposed female genitalia, the strange pairing of women, black, white, though bald (model has a disease) and Latina dwarf. However, when you look at the way they are painted, and look at their faces you can really see an empathy between the artist and her models. The gallery owner told us that this little girl will often take her own poses and ask the artist, what am I, or who am I and the work goes from there. I am inspired by her work and will hope to take something from it to put in my own.

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Anonymous said...

i highly enjoyed my visit to your blog and your art.

i found you accidentally because we have the same name, although potter is my married name.

i too am serena potter, which i find wonderful as well as the fact we have a very similar photo too. only mine is my fb image, like the one of your face in half shadow.

love your work and find the coincidences wonderful synchronicity of the fates.

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